Dealers Share Tips on How To Stay in Front of Customers

The National Glass Association (NGA) and the Window and Door Dealers Alliance (WDDA) hosted the Window & Door Dealers Forum at the Las Vegas Convention Center Sept. 10, 2014. The full-day assembly, held in conjunction with GlassBuild America: The Glass Window and Door Expo, brought together dealers from across the country to discuss a variety of topics, from marketing and sales to leads generation and practical business insight.

Following two opening general sessions, Ken Mariotti, Woodland Window and Doors, led a more intimate breakout session on lead generation and retaining customers. “Your database is your next opportunity,” he said, encouraging dealers to stay in front of the customers they’ve already established.

Mariotti then asked the audience to share their ideas on how to market to their current customers. Attendees shared the following three tips on how to have an effective presence in their mailboxes and inboxes:

  1. Maintain a good list of email addresses, and use them not only to send marketing pieces, but non-promotional messages on major and minor holidays as well. This keeps you in front of your clients.—Peter Morrison, Architectural Visions Inc. (avi)
  2. After the rush of the end-of-year holidays, make a donation to a local charity. Ask the charity to provide receipts or announcements with your specific customers’ names on them. Include those receipts in a letter to your customers, announcing that you made a donation in their name.—Pat Alexander, Long Life Windows & Doors Ltd.
  3. Mail “thank-you” letters to clients that double as a coupon they can use on a future service. Take it a step further by providing a second referral offer. Provide a voucher customers can give to their friends, neighbors, or family members, and offer the referring customer an extra discount or credit when their contact cashes in on the bonus coupon.—Karen Buswell, Arcadia Window & Door

More tips from the breakout sessions at the WDDA Window & Door Dealers Forum will be available at


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