#9: The EXCITEMENT builds with GlassBuild America less than 90 days away!!

The glass, window, and door industry gathers en masse just once  ayear on the exhibit floor at GlassBuild America.   This year’s edition is picking up steam with several major announcements in just the last few weeks:

Registration is open!  You know you’re coming, so why wait to register?  Do it now and save money!  Early bird rates effective until June 20 so Register Now!

And while you’re at it… housing is also open.  We’ve added more choices of great hotels in Las Vegas and on the Vegas Strip.  Rates are truly spectacular right now. Take advantage of staying at official GlassBuild America hotels and Book Your Room Today!

Have you heard about Express Learning?   There’s a buzz in the industry about GlassBuild America’s new educational approach.  These 20-minute educational opportunities are FREE to all on the show floor with subjects that will definitely make a difference in your business and professional life. Plan to attend as many as you can! See the Express Learning Schedule here.

GlassBuild America is WHERE BUSINESS HAPPENS.  Don’t be left behind… Register, grab your room, and get ready to learn.

Have you seen the floor plan? It is full of exhibitors from all over the world!  We’ll have more on that on our next edition…


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