#7 Great New Sponsorship Opportunities and Morse Industries Featured in our Exhibitor Spotlight

GlassBuild America is breaking ground with fresh sponsorship opportunities as well as the debut of the Express Learning sessions, brought to you by content leaders at Glass Magazine and Window&Door . These new programs continue to put GlassBuild America at the front of the line when it comes to the industry trade show world. The benefit for the attendee will be vast, with original and easier educational options right where they’ve always wanted them – on the floor of the show! As for the sponsorship opportunities, the exposure potential is maximized for the ultimate in brand awareness. No doubt that the “business happens” on the floor of GlassBuild America and will do so with new approaches from sponsoring and education.

For more information click HERE.

Exhibitor Spotlight with Morse Industries.


Road: Morse Industries has a very large and diverse product line. Can you tell us about the key products you plan on focusing on at GlassBuild America?

Morse:Morse Industries key product l9d0c1de7d0ines will be our top-quality Railing Systems, including PanelGrip Dry System, glass panel, stainless steel handrail brackets, cable railing, stainless steel glass clamps, a rectangular line and fascia mount glass adaptors; as well as our competitive Shower Hardware. Not to mention, we still offer finished aluminum extrusions too.


Road: You have been in business for more than 30 years. How much has changed since you began and what has Morse Industries done to stay ahead of the curve?

Morse: Many things have changed over the years but our key focus has remained the same – to provide the best customer service we possibly can. As for product line, we have expanded our Railing Systems, including offering the latest development in glass technology – the PanelGrip Dry System Base Shoe. We have also introduced a competitive Shower Line

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Road: Morse Industries has participated in GlassBuild quite a few times in the past. Thank you for your support. What are the reasons why you find the show so important to your business?

Morse: It is important for connections; to see existing customers that we have and to meet and build new relationships. Plus, it is important to educate people on our products and quality. A picture doesn’t always show people how easy and efficient the PanelGrip Dry System is, but allowing them to see the samples and talk to our representatives while there is extremely important.

Thank you!

You can learn more about Morse Industries online at http://www.MorseIndustries.com and see them on the floor at GlassBuild America in booth #1444.


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