#5 Adding Styles & Stunning Finishes to Windows, Our Product Spotlight Shines on The Georgian Bar Company

GlassBuild America is the home for innovative products from all over the world.  At our upcoming show in September at the Las Vegas Convention Center, a company from the United Kingdom will be showing off some colorful approaches to the window business.  Let’s point the Road to GlassBuild Product Spotlight on The Georgian Bar Company and their Commercial Director, Phillip Dewhurst Jr.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Road: Can you tell our audience more about your company and the products you offer?

Phillip: Georgian style windows are stylish, elegant and a firm favorite with home owners and planners alike. However, before we patented our revolutionary design, the only way to achieve the look on a double glazed unit was to stick the bars to the glass – a solution which made installation difficult and frequently required remedial work to reapply dislodged bars especially in warmer climates. Our solution clips onto the window via a u-clip which is placed around the glass prior to beading.

Our Geo Fast system removes all of the problems associated with Georgian style windows and results in a stunning finish. Geo Fast is remarkable for its simplicity, yet has rapidly gained industry wide approval for its ease of installation and durability and has been acclaimed for its aesthetic appeal. geo barsThis has resulted in us becoming the market leader for external bars in the UK. It can be installed retrospectively and reused in the event of breakage of glazed units. The Geo Fast system will make your life easier – and provide a real opportunity to optimize profit potential. We supply our Geofast products to the Vinyl window systems companies such as Rehau, Veka, Eurocell, Profine, Liniar, & Deceuninck and also directly to window fabricators.

geofast system

Road: Your headquarters are in the UK.  How is the economy there?  Are there positive indicators of growth?

Phillip: The UK has just been upgraded by the IMF to a predicted growth of 2.4% in 2014 – this outstrips the Eurozone who are predicted to grow 1% but falls short of USA who should be enjoying a 2.8% growth for this year. It has certainly been a tough few years for the world economy and I believe that the UK has ‘weathered the storm’ admirably and managed far better than most. We achieved this mainly with tough austerity measures to reduce government budgets and spending.

The window industry here has seen a huge variance of effects over the last few years. With everything seemingly on track now most of our customers are reporting strong growth and increased consumer confidence throughout 2013 and into 2014.

Our company has grown each year throughout the last 11 years since its inception. We are fortunate to have a unique product which helped us to grow more easily through the financial crisis than other sectors of our industry. We have worked very hard to develop new markets and work alongside our UK customer base to ensure sustained company and product growth.

Road: You are now coming to the United States to promote your products. Aside from the floor at GlassBuild, how will attendees be able to purchase your materials?

Phillip: As we speak we are currently working on a supply & distribution agreement for the US market with a prominent Window systems company based in the USA. So watch this space! All will be revealed soon on how we plan to make our Geofast product available for US consumers.

Road: This is your first time exhibiting at GlassBuild America, and I noticed on your excellent website that last year was your first time ever showing at any trade show.  How was that experience and why did you choose GlassBuild America to be a place for you to show your products?

Phillip: Our company was at the stage where we had gained real market presence and in fact had become the market leader in external astragal bars. Many of our largest customers were going to exhibit at the FiTshow last year so we decided that this was an opportunity to support our customers who are Systems companies (who distribute via their network) by exhibiting alongside them and assist in increasing the knowledge of the product with their fabricator customer base.

Within the first 10 minutes of the show we were approached by a large international company who wanted to take our products to 30 countries. So to say the least we were very happy with the results of the show even if it had only given us that developing lead. Further to that it allowed us to connect with existing customers and generate sales from them and indeed new ones.

Now that we have our USA and Canadian patents granted it seemed that it would be the next logical step to showcase our products in such a vast and exciting market. External decorative bars on windows are extremely popular in the USA and our Geofast range will revolutionize the application, production and long-term stability of astragals.

Glassbuild is the premier window and door exhibition in North America and as such it provides the perfect platform for us to launch Geofast to the USA. We are all very excited at bringing our UK innovation across the Atlantic and we very much hope you can come by and see us in the innovations pavilion.

Thank you Phillip, we look forward to seeing you at the show, September 9-11, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV booth # 1334


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