#19: BONUS POST! The Education Offerings of GlassBuild America + An Interview with EagleView Technologies

(Did you miss our interview with Quanex and the list of the latest contest winners?  If so, CLICK HERE and catch up!)

People attend GlassBuild America for many reasons.  It could be for the ability to find new products and offerings or for the amazing networking.  Some attend yearly for the education and 2013 will be no different.  Here’s a quick look at the incredible educational opportunities.


September 9th:  4th Annual Window and Door Dealers Forum– This popular forum is back with a strong agenda featuring sessions on financial forecasts, lead and sales generation, finding good installers and more.  The Road caught up with the Gold Sponsor of this event, EagleView Technologies, and got some insight on their world – be sure to read that interview below. Get all the details and register for WDDF here.

September 10th:  8th Annual Glazing Executives Forum– Starting with a State of the Industry panel, finishing with Dr Jeff Dietrich’s financial forecast and 8 amazing breakout topics in between, this session covers the glazing world like no other!  For more details and to register for GEF, click here.

September 11th:  Architects Forum: Glass+Performance- Keynote speaker Neil Denari headlines a tremendous agenda that is drawing architects from all over the world.  This event, presented in combination with Architects Newspaper and Glass Magazine, will award 5 AIA CECs.  Get inside the mind of the design world by attending this function!  For more details and to see the complete agenda, click here.  Register for this newly expanded forum today!


This year, GlassBuild America features six seminars.  Listed below, they focus on the hottest topics in the glass, window and door industry. For details and to register for a seminar, CLICK HERE!

Window & Door Manufacturers: Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Safety Glass Process and Training

Guerilla Marketing for the Glass & Metal Industry

Decoration and Printing on Glass: The New Frontier

Industry Legal News and Views

Design Strength of Silicone Sealants and the Advancement of Curtain Wall

Interview Spotlight: EagleView Technologies

Road: We are thrilled that EagleView Technologies is the Gold Sponsor at the 4th Annual Window and Door Dealers Forum at GlassBuild America 2013.  Thank you for your incredible support.  Can you give a brief description of the services and products you provide?

EagleView:  EagleView Technologies is the leading provider of 3D aerial measurement reports for property exteriors.  We invented the concept of 3D aerial measurements and using our patented technology we provide the most accurate roof and wall measurement reports in the construction industry.  The reports provide 3D diagrams, the total square footage of the roof and/or wall areas, all line lengths for ridges, valleys, rakes, eaves, etc., the number and total square feet of windows and doors, and north, south, east and west elevation diagrams.  The information is presented in an easy-to-read table format with sections labeled for quick reference.

 Road: How do you create these reports?

EagleView:  EagleView developed and patented technology to derive measurements from high resolution aerial photos. In January 2013, EagleView merged with Pictometry International, the leading provider of geo-referenced, oblique aerial imagery.  Pictometry’s high-resolution oblique images, unlike traditional orthogonal (top-down) images, show each side of every structure with views from all four cardinal directions.

When you provide a property address to EagleView, the high resolution photographs (top down, north, south, east and west view) are used to create a 3D model of the structure.  Highly skilled spatial recognition technicians create the model and from that determine the exact measurements for the roof and exterior walls.

 Road: How do exterior contractors use these reports?

EagleView:  Contractors use EagleView reports throughout the entire job lifecycle for all commercial and residential roofing, siding, window, door or painting jobs: from the minute a lead is received to making the sales presentation, from accurately ordering materials and calculating waste to the final job closing and warranty packet.

The measurements are exact so ordering materials is precise with less chance of overages or shortages.  With the report in hand, an estimator or salesperson can easily mark any areas of concern or difficulty that may require an extra crew member or increased safety measures.   It enables a contractor to reduce waste and improve communications, resulting in a more efficient and profitable operation.

Finally, EagleView offers the option for contractors to completely customize their report cover. This is a powerful marketing tool that leaves a lasting impression on customers and assists in closing more sales by presenting an extremely professional presentation packet.

Road: How long does it take to get a report?

EagleView:  The turnaround time for a single report is usually two business days or less from the time of placing the order.  We do also offer Express and 3-hour deliveries if required.

Road:  How do I order a report?

EagleView:  Ordering a report is easy!  Simply visit www.eagleview.com and the site will lead you through a simple four step process.  There is no commitment necessary; contractors can create an account and pay per use.  We also offer discounted pricing levels based on volume.

We also offer an EagleView app for tablets and smart phones.  Contractors can order reports by either entering an address or using their current location.  The app provides access to past orders and offers the option to regenerate a previous report to include user-submitted photographs.   The built-in photo editor allows users to capture images of a property and mark areas of the photo with damage or weather icons, insert captions or finger draw to highlight a specific area of a photo.


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