#16: Innovation Spread Throughout the Show Floor and Don’t Miss New Technology with Diversified Structural Concepts

WIth GlassBuild America only one month away, it’s time to showcase some of the newest and most exciting products on the show floor.  The Innovative Product Promotion Program features new or innovative products, processes or services for the North American commercial, residential glass, and/or window & door industry in the area(s) of High Performance, Efficiency,  Green Sustainability, Dynamic Products, New Technology, Design Innovation, Solar Integration.

To see a complete list of Innovative Product Exhibitors, click here.  Once you arrive at the show, be sure to pick up the Innovative Products Guide to GlassBuild America; it will be available at registration and around the show floor.  The Guide will list all these exhibitors and highlight their location on the show floor.   The show floor features an Innovative Product Pavilion where you will find many of the Innovative Product Exhibitors.  But keep your eyes open throughout the show floor for the special Innovative Product Exhibitor signage as we have innovation showcasing all over the floor this year!

With a record-breaking 60+ exhibitors displaying innovative products, whether you work with the commercial or residential segments of our industry, there will be something you need to see!

Interview Spotlight with Diversified Structural Concepts

This week we interviewed one of our Innovative Products Exhibitors, Diversified Structural Concepts.  Mark Back answered our questions and showed some pictures of what you’ll see when you come to GlassBuild America just one month from now.

Diversified Structural Composites is company that has been around for quite awhile, but you have products that are keeping up with the latest trends and needs of the glass and window industry.  Please tell us about what you do and what markets you are involved in?

MB: DSC has been focused on highly engineered products in the past. DSC is a leader in producing not only fiberglass but carbon fiber pultrutions. We supply into the aerospace, construction, medical, recreation, transportation and OEM markets. DSC has committed to become the leader in systems supply to the fenestration industry.

It is great to have you showing at GlassBuild America as part of the Innovative Products Promotion program.  What will attendees be seeing at your booth?

MB: DSC, using our trade name Diversified Lineal Systems, will be launching our new sliding patio door system at the show.  We will also be showing our casement and swing door systems. All of our products have been designed to be fabricated by regional manufacturers.

DSC1     DSC2

The economy in 2013 has been up and down.  How has the year gone for your company and what economic conditions are you seeing for the future?

MB: The markets we service at DSC are wide in scope; this evens out any peaks and valleys depending on each market. We anticipate a very positive year related to the fenestration market based on the response we have received from our products and services to this point.

Be sure to visit Diversified Structural Concepts at booth #2501 in the Innovative Products Pavilion.


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