#14: Glass Coatings and Concepts debut at GlassBuild America brings interesting choices and Time to REGISTER and WIN!

You know you are coming to GlassBuild America because EVERYONE comes to the premier show in our industry.  So what are you waiting for – register today! Book your hotel room before they are gone!

Everyone who registers for GlassBuild America between Monday, July 29 and Friday, August 2 will be entered to win one (1) FREE night at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Atlanta Downtown.  


Exhibitor Spotlight:  Glass Coating and Concepts

For their first time in the show, Glass Coatings and Concepts is excited to not only introduce themselves to the industry but also show off their unique product offering.  We talked with James Wright of Glass Coatings and Concepts and he filled us in on his company and more. Be sure to visit them at Booth #2723 in the Innovative Product Pavilion. 

James, for those in our reading audience who may not know what Glass Coatings and Concepts does, how about a quick explanation.

J.W.  Glass Coatings & Concepts produces ceramic enamels for both flat glass and hollowware industries.  We make ceramic enamels for decorative interior glass and spandrel glass for fabricators that apply it by roll coating or silk screening.  

We are thrilled to have you at GlassBuild America for the first time this year.  What will our attendees be seeing in your booth?

 J.W.  We are very excited to exhibit for the first time at GlassBuild America this year.  GCC will have on display in our booth glass samples of various colors and etches.  We plan to show some unique glass examples with marble and granite patterns you can achieve using GCC’s ceramic enamels.      

Glass Coatings and Concepts Pic 1 Glass Coatings and Concepts Pic 2

We’re now halfway through 2013.  How has the year gone for Glass Coatings and Concepts and what are your thoughts on the economy as a whole going into 2014?

J.W.  Over the past three years, we’ve had year over year growth, primarily from market penetration.  The beginning of the year started strong but we saw some softening in the second quarter of 2013.  We are cautiously optimistic for the second half of 2013.  In reference to the economy, I think it was very positive for 2014 before the government sequester.  Now it seems 2014 might be flat or have minimal increase from 2013.   

Glass Coatings and Concepts will be in the Innovative Product Pavilion.  Visit our Innovative Product Exhibitor webpage to see who else you need to visit while at the show.


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