#8: What’s new from Bystronic and Get Ready – Registration is Almost Here!

GlassBuild America may seem like a long way off, but time flies and before you know it, the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta will be packed with the best that the glass, window, and door industry has to offer.  In just a few days, registration will open and we’ll also have some contests along the way so you can register and win!  Stay tuned to all of the GlassBuild America outlets – www.GlassBuildAmerica.com, our Twitter feed @GlassBuild, and of course here on the Road for the latest on industry’s premier event!   Registration information can be found online now.

Interview Spotlight:  Bystronic

One company that always makes a splash at GlassBuild America is Bystronic.  2013 will be no different as they’ll be showing off new technology and equipment.  We got a sneak preview  when we caught up with Bystronic President, North American Region, Scott Knisely and he gave us some interesting info and video! 

Road: Congratulations on the launch of your newest piece of equipment the speed’line. How long does a major undertaking like this take from concept to completion? 

Scott Knisely: Actually the speed’line was not developed in one step. The first component, the sealing robot speed’sealer, was introduced at glasstec show 2010. The new assembly and gas fill press speed’assembler was then introduced with the speed’line at glasstec 2012. For both machines, the development phase started one year in advance. The research phase, where we have evaluated the new technologies of the machines, started even earlier. We introduced the speed’line with a double tps’applicator for warm edge insulating glass (IG) units with Thermo plastic Spacers (TPS®) – the processing of other spacer systems like Super Spacer® or box spacers is possible as well. 

Road: We have your YouTube video below and it’s a great one to watch, but if you can would you mind telling us about the three best attributes that speed’line offers? 

SK: The speed’line offers significant advantages for customers. It is designed to manufacture triple IG units in the same time it takes other lines to produce double units. Three work steps are decisive with regard to the quick production of triple IG units: The application of the spacers, the gas-filling of the spaces between the lites and the sealing of the units. In the speed’line, all three processes are perfectly designed for the production of triple units and enable the quickest cycle times.

The new assembly robot speed’assembler gas-fills both airspaces of triple IG units synchronously. This unique technology saves more than 10 seconds cycle time per unit. In the tandem mode even two units are able to be processed in parallel.

The sealing robot speed’sealer includes modern dynamic mixing system instead of the static mixers, which are common practice. The big advantage of the dynamic mixer is the very high sealing volume which is provided with a low material pressure. The corresponding mixing result is extraordinary good. Furthermore with the fully automated material exchange system, it is possible to change the complete dosing system in two minutes without the interaction from the operator.

Road: We are once again thrilled and honored to have Bystronic glass at GlassBuild America. Aside from more detail on speed’line, what else can attendees expect to see at your booth this fall in Atlanta? 

SK: As everyone in the industry is aware, Bystronic glass has partnered with Hegla in order to complement each other’s portfolios and services. This year, like last year in Las Vegas, Bystronic glass and Hegla will share a joint booth. Keeping with the spirit of innovation, Bystronic glass and Hegla will unveil a completely new cutting machine designed and developed by Hegla in Germany. In addition, we will also display our best in class handling devices designed to improve efficiency in the factory and significantly improve on operator safety. Furthermore the customers will get an overview about the latest machinery for the manufacturing of insulating glass and laminated glass, for the pre-processing of automotive glass and our service activities.

Road: We’re now through one quarter in 2013. How do you see the economic landscape in the glass, window and door industry for the rest of this year and beyond?

SK: All indications and feedback from customers we speak with generally point to an increase in demand across the board, but still see a significant amount of unused capacity in certain market regions. In addition, there seems to be a push towards more automation with a strong focus on improving overall process efficiency and safety. We, like our industry partners, continue to be optimistic that this increase in demand and focus on process improvements will carry forward into the next 2 years.


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