#3: The Foundation of the Show Floor is Built and Learn what SAGE sees for the year ahead!

The GlassBuild hotel reservation process will begin in April and will be announced.  Any representative contacting you via phone or email about making reservations for Atlanta, is NOT affiliated with the show or the official room block.

We are hard at work BUILDing the foundation of GlassBuild America.  We already have a great group of industry leaders joining us on the show floor.  Want to see who is already BUILDing their booth in Atlanta?  Click here for the list of all the exhibitors on the show floor and you can even see where their booth is on the floor on the interactive online floor plan – it changes daily so be sure to visit often!

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Learn about the companies who are a part of North America’s largest trade show for the glass, window and door industry.  Each and every day, we’ll be tweeting out another GlassBuild exhibitor who will be on our floor in Atlanta.  See where they are and check out their website.  Click here to follow GlassBuild on Twitter and be sure to mention us in your own tweets about the show with #GlassBuild.

Exhibitor Spotlight: 

As a part of our 2013 series of seeing what some of our exhibitors think about the year upon us, this week we hear from Derek Malmquist, Vice President of Marketing for SAGE Electrochromatics, Inc.

SAGE Predictions for 2013

2013 will be far from “unlucky” – we predict good things for SAGE and the industry in the coming year!  First, we are very excited to be officially opening the largest electrochromic glass manufacturing plant in the world in 2013.  The facility is 320,000 square-feet and is equipped with the most advanced technology to manufacture dynamic glass worldwide.  This initiative has been an excellent job creator and we believe it will continue to add new opportunities throughout 2013.

SAGE's new facility is the largest electrochromic glass manufacturing plant in the world.

SAGE’s new facility is the largest electrochromic glass manufacturing plant in the world.

We see the market for electrochromic glass expanding rapidly in 2013 and through the rest of the decade.  Andrew Grove, former CEO and co-founder of Intel, has talked about strategic inflection points – that time when an industry or product “changes the way we think and act.”    We believe that time is now for adoption of smart technologies such as dynamic glass – technologies that can have a dramatic impact on the environment, energy savings, and quality of life for building occupants.  Enhancements such as larger glass sizes and the ability to zone within a single pane of glass position the industry very well for broader, mainstream adoption.

We believe that initiatives such as eco-labeling on glass and glazing products will become more prevalent in 2013. The reason: As more home- and building-owners become eco-conscious about the materials used in their buildings, architects are increasingly inquiring about eco-labels for the products they spec into their projects. Further, factors such as the embodied energy, carbon footprint or life cycle analysis (LCAs) of glass and glazing products will become increasingly important – if not mandatory – in the near term as sustainable design becomes both a consumer- and regulatory-driven priority. The glazing industry will feel increased market pull to provide such product information in 2013 as more requests are made of them.  In the future manufacturers may not be able to sell a product without lifecycle information.

Finally, we are optimistic (cautiously) about growth of the commercial and residential construction industry in 2013.   Based on our own experience, there are more positive signs than negative and the leading indicators are now pointing in the right direction for recovery (setting aside that thorny detail of the fiscal cliff…).  As Winston Churchill once said: “I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else.”

To learn more about SAGE, visit them on their website at www.SAGEGlass.com and see them on the floor at GlassBuild America in booth #2300.


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