#1 – Happy New Year and Happy New Look!

It’s a new year and a new look for The Road to GlassBuild America.  We have been working behind the scenes on the new look along with new layouts, features, and exciting posts for this coming year.  Did you see the new header above?  The 2013 theme is “The Time is Now” and throughout the next several months, we will tell the story of why being involved in GlassBuild America is an absolute must.


To kickoff the new theme, we are focusing on BUILDing the show, BUILDing the tools for success.  What can you do this year to BUILD your business?  To BUILD your customer base?  To BUILD your influence in the industry?  GlassBuild America is the place to be to BUILD your success today and in the future.  


Look for the new GlassBuild America ad in this month’s glass Magazine and Window&Door Magazine.  A brand new show website is coming too — so much excitement to start off the year.  And keep your eyes open as our focus will change throughout the year as we BUILD towards the show!

This is the first of more than 25 editions of The Road as we prepare for the event of the year, GlassBuild America 2013.  In future editions, we’ll have predictions for the New Year from some of the industry’s finest as well as more video spotlights and Q&A sessions from the exhibitors who make the show great!

Got an idea for The Road? Send us an email at jbarnhart@glass.org — we want to hear your ideas!


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