Issue 22: 2012 Best In Show Winners Announced

A highlight of GlassBuild America is the Best In Show Exhibitor Booth Awards.  Each year, attendees vote for the best booths on the floor.  Contest categories include Best Innovative Booth, Machinery Booth, and awards based on booth size (large, medium, small).  In addition, this year, new categories for Best Decorative, Best Handling, and First Time Exhibitor awards will be presented.

And so, without further adieu, we are pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Best In Show Exhibitor Booth Awards, sponsored by M3 Glass Technologies:

Best Large Booth:  Guardian Industries Corporation (#1073); Quanex Building Products (#1127)

With an open and bright space, Quanex’s booth was friendly and appealing with many smiling faces creating customers.

Best Medium Booth: (#1253); Truth Hardware (#617); Vision Industries Group, Inc. (#727)

With pink carpet, pink furniture, and even pink shoes, MyGlassTruck brought breast cancer awareness to the show floor. Social awareness + creating business leads = amazing winning combination!

Best Small Booth:  Cristacurva (#1118); Sage Electrochromics (#1013)

Best First Time Exhibitor Booth:  Eco Box Systems (Booth #968); Swarfbuster -NEXT GENERATION COOLANT (#2170)

Best Innovative Product Booth: Deceuninck North America (#547); EuroWindows Group (#569); Veka (#945)

Best Machinery Booth: Bottero Glass Technologies (#1927); Lisec (#1463)

Lisec’s booth featured technology, plenty of meeting space to talk business, and there was always a smiling face to greet guests as they entered the booth.

Best Decorative Booth: General Glass International (#1039); PRL Glass Systems & Aluminum (#609)

Best Handling Booth: Jekko (#1905); Spydercrane (#1963)

Spydercrane showed attendees multiple products in a small booth space; and each piece was eye catching as you walked down the convention center aisle.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners! And thank you to our Best In Show Exhibitor Booth Awards sponsor, M3 Glass Technologies. 

Thank you to this month’s sponsor:


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