Issue 18: A great look inside Amesbury and what to expect from a couple of the GEF speakers.

We are coming down the stretch on our journey – the show is so close you feel like you can reach out and touch it. Have you made your plans yet? Have you gotten tickets for the best reception of the year? Or have you signed up for the forums yet? Still time to do so… you know you want to be there with us!!


Interview Spotlight with Amesbury

For this special interview, we were able to get responses from several people inside Amesbury. We’ll find out more about their thoughts on the economy, their products, and their plan for the show and more.

Road: The economy has been on everyone’s mind and the challenges in our industry are always at the forefront, how has Amesbury been able to ride out this storm?

From Jonathan Petromelis, President and CEO: Amesbury has always been focused on strong customer service, on time delivery and exceptional quality. This has been and will always remain our primary focus. During the downturn, like many others, we have focused on cost reduction and containment and investing in key areas. Unlike many others during the downturn we invested in our product development and engineering resources. This strategy is paying off as we continue to innovate with new products enabling us to maintain a leadership role in the industry. We have also maintained a close relationship with our key customers and continue to focus on ways that will help them differentiate in this difficult market. All of this has not been easy during these unprecedented times but we believe if we continue to focus in these key areas, we will reap the benefits when the market does recover.

Road: Amesbury has so many product offerings that seem to cover a multitude of possible customers, could you highlight a few that are really exceptional and why? (I know it’s like asking a parent, which one is your favorite kid!)

From Tim Eggebraaten, Director Sales & Marketing Amesbury Door Hardware: “We will be showing our new patented P3000 multi-point lock system. It incorporates an American style look with the thumbturn oriented above the handle and the deadbolt operation is independent of the satellite locking points. Available with a multitude of locking options, this system is the premium solution in today’s multi-point locking technology.”

From Kim Kenzevich, Director Sales & Marketing, Amesbury Sealing Products- Fenestration:

“We will be showing Foam-Tite® C2 from Sealing P. This is a soft TPV foam material combined with carefully designed geometry that allows continuous corner applications to be seamless. C2 reduces air and water infiltration at corners and eliminates the need for welding or sealing mitered joints.”

From David Kline, Director Sales & Marketing, Amesbury Window Hardware:

We will be showing our Spiral, Lite-Lift and Super-Lift balances. The 3/8” Super Heavy Duty Spiral can achieve weights up to 52 lbs per pair or up to 104 lbs when used in tandem-a powerful Class 4 balance in a small a package. The Lite-Lift and Super-Lift Class 5 balances can attain weights up to 130 lbs, while leading the market in overall travel and balance length availability. “

From Paul Prezzano, Director Sales & Marketing- Schlegel:

“Schlegel, An Amesbury will be showing their door seal with patent pending intumescent foam that meets a Category G Edge Seal. This revolutionary seal combines the superior performance of Q-LON® to resist air, water and sound penetration with the fire and smoke protection provided by Category G and H rated gaskets. This patent pending product provides a complete sealing solution for entry, passage, hotel or firewall doors.

Road: Amesbury has been very active in the acquisition market, with two recent purchases (Overland Products in December and Unique Balance in April) how have these additions helped you be a more complete supplier and are you still looking at adding on to your company?

From Jonathan Petromelis, President and CEO:

Amesbury has grown over the years by investing in new products as well as by acquisition. We are focused on filling gaps in our product portfolio as well as addressing other markets for windows and doors. This will be a significant focus in the next several years as our strategy will be to grow our significant penetration of the residential market and expand into a significant commercial offering. With our parent company, Lupus Capital’s significant resources, we will continue to expand by acquisition. In December 2011 we purchased Overland Products, a stamping business and in April 2012 we purchased Unique Balance International, a balance company. Both of these acquisitions are strategic in nature and expand our vertical capabilities as in Overland but enable us to leverage our strong customer relationships to sell more of our products. In Unique’s case, we now have depth in spiral balance technology with their industry-leading offering. The purchase of both these businesses enables Amesbury to continue to focus on being a complete supplier to the industry. There is no one in the industry that has the breath of the products we have at Amesbury and will continue to add to our offering.

Forum Focus: Get ready for the Glazing Executive Forum (GEF)

The 7th annual Glazing Executive Forum will be held on September 13th and there is still time to reserve your spot. Once there you will hear some fantastic speakers, including the two gentleman we caught up with below- Shawn Donovan (on Marketing) and Paul Nutcher (on Green Building)

Road: Can you give us a sneak preview of your presentation at GEF in “Marketing to the Architectural Community”?

Shawn:Influencing the Influencers – today, it’s more important than ever for building product companies to strategically introduce and educate architects and designers on the capabilities and benefits of their products. The challenge marketers have is making your company’s products stand out among the hundreds of products that architects see every day. This presentation will highlight the various tactics companies can take to build their brand and create opportunities with the architectural community. A few of these tactics include:

  1. Identify the firms that matter
  2. Become an provider of continuing education
  3. Develop a strong Public Relations program
  4. Create collateral that matter
  5. Implement a comprehensive sample program
  6. Become the expert in your field

Road: In your very distinguished career, you have worked for some of the most prominent companies in the glass and glazing industry and you have consulted with companies of all sizes. Is a marketing approach like what you will present at GEF only for big companies or should everyone be able to do it?

Shawn: Sound marketing strategies and tactics can be implemented by large and small companies alike. The approach is the same:

  1. Identify your target audience and geographical region
  2. Define your goals – what you want to accomplish
  3. Create a list of tactics with associated cost and resources needed
  4. Prioritize your list and create a plan to execut
  5. Measure and track and re-evaluate on a regular basis

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