Issue 17: From Rehau to Rewind – plus the updated floor plan to start your planning. GlassBuild America is getting closer!!

The show is getting closer; so close we can see it out there in the distance. Have you made your plans yet??? If not, click here to register now.

Interview Spotlight: Rehau

This week, we caught up with Brian Guyer of Rehau and he takes us through his companies product offerings and plans for GlassBuild America!

Road: Energy efficiency has become the real priority for the industry, how is Rehau positioning its products to meet the push for improved performance and sustainability?

Brian Guyer: Our newest sliding patio door system, the System 2200 incorporates 1 3/8” (35 mm) glazing options that allow U-factors down to 0.17. Our System 4700 GENEO window system can be utilized for Passive House applications. Also, our compression seal programs (System 1400 casement and System 4500 tilt-turn) offer glazing choices up to 1 3/8” (35 mm) and meets both U.S. and Canadian Energy Star criteria. During 2012, we have revamped our System 700 hung/slider program for 1” (26) mm glazing along with non-conductive reinforcements. Our products are quite capable of support sustainability.

Road: Rehau is working on an Eco Smart House in Montana, can you tell us a little about that and how it’s progressing?

Guyer: This is a three-year project that includes the design and construction of a residence in Bozeman, Montana followed by a two-year period when the house will be monitored for system performance and research. The house incorporates energy-efficient, sustainable building products as well as an overall holistic design approach.

Though I may be biased, this is one of the most exciting projects in sustainable building research, that I’m aware of, anyway. It started out as a brainchild of our former CEO Dr. Kathleen Saylor and Bill Hoy, the architect behind the project and the official owner of the home

We’re not doing this alone by any means. We’ve engaged international building industry professionals, material and product manufacturers, and professors and students from Montana State University to achieve our goals, which stated plainly, is to expand the industry’s body of knowledge regarding environmental and human sustainability while achieving near net-zero status. We hope to also be able to determine the best way to achieve residential building certification standards like LEED.

The project is going show how energy efficiency can be maximized by combining the latest sustainable building products and systems, and then optimizing those systems; testing them, collecting data and analyzing all of this to see how the systems best work together or individually to achieve the absolute best results. More than 300 sensors were placed throughout the house during construction and are, as we speak, collecting data we hope will lead to cutting edge research we can share with industry. Construction was completed in April and the project is now in a two-year research phase.

Window Profiles and High-Tech Glazing
Of course, the house is outfitted with our very own System 1400 casement and awning windows and System 4500 tilt-turn windows and outward-opening French doors. We used different glazing packages to meet varying solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) requirements for each of the home’s elevations. All of the window and door designs have U-factors of 0.25 or lower. The vinyl is an unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), specially formulated by REHAU for impact and fade resistance.

The windows have glass fabricated with Sunlight-Responsive Thermochromic (SRT) glazing, which passively tints the glass in response to direct sunlight, which keeps rooms comfortable by reducing glare and heat from the sun’s rays. The windows continuously adapt any time of the day, year round, based on the amount of direct sunlight.

The glass is triple pane construction within a 1-3/8” rebate and provides additional insulation which is energy saving and effective in the Rocky Mountain region. The research will show how effective and the goal is to show the SRT window system to be 20% or higher in energy savings over conventional glass.

Overall, the ecosmart house is designed to be an authentic showcase of both the present and future possibilities in sustainable building, and we are very excited about the forthcoming results of the testing and research.

Road: Rehau supplies both the commercial and residential segment, how are the economic conditions of those markets doing for you so far into the last half of 2012 and what do you see for 2013?

Guyer: We have seen an uptick in business from our existing customers but they tell us that they have to fight for every project. Our customer base is pretty diverse so when a market is not as favorable they tend to shift focus into other market segments. Consumers are looking for more value than ever in windows and doors and want to make sure that they are getting a return on investment. The non-residential construction market has seen an increase in spending (about 5-6%) over prior period last year and it is expected that spending in this sector will increase another 7.5% in 2013. Also, the commercial market will see opportunities for renovation spending as owners of properties look to invest in energy efficiency.

Road: What can the GlassBuild America attendees expect to see in your exhibit at the show?

Guyer:We will debut our REHAU Commercial Solutions program which will benefit our network of fabricators. We are investing in this program and will be displaying the various levels of support for fabricators including project support, energy modeling, specification reviews, field testing, Co-marketing, LEED project reviews, AIA presentations, and special project pricing. We will also feature our commercial products such as our System 4500 tilt-slide door, System 2500 lift-slide door, System 4500 tilt-turn window, System 4700 GENEO window system and our System 2200 sliding patio door.

Latest Floor Plan

Start planning your days on the floor! Click here for the latest floor plan and scope out those exhibitors you want to see most. (Editor Note: It should be all of them! They are all awesome!!)

Road to GlassBuild REWIND!

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