Issue 14: Get to know the new folks on the floor, and go “inside the box” with our Q&A with new exhibitor Eco Box Systems.

We’ve mentioned many times before that GlassBuild America is a great place to diversify and grow your business.  One way that happens is by finding new products and vendors.  This year our floor has many first time folks – all ready to show the industry what they have to sell!

Click here to see the floor plan and all the exhibitors ready to see you in Las Vegas!  Click on the company name to learn more about them.

Interview Spotlight with Eco Box Systems

One of the new exhibitors is actually a brand new company too.  Eco Box Systems will actually be making their formal launch at GlassBuild America, and we caught up with their Managing Director Jennifer Hickman to get an idea about their innovative product and their plans for the show.

Road: Eco Box Systems is a pretty new company, can you tell us a little about the company and what you do?

Eco Box Systems: It is true that Eco Box Systems (EBS) is a new and innovative company.  Our youth as a company has enabled us to harness the latest developments in packaging technology.  But the truth is that the work on our first product has been going on for quite some time. Several of our employees are long time veterans in the glass industry and have witnessed a growing need for a departure from wooden shipping systems. We have had the concept of a ‘box’ that would safely ‘suspend’ products during shipment in development for several years.  We proudly finalized the revolutionary design for our Eco Flat Box and started the patent application process in the fall of 2011. We are currently patent pending and while EBS owns the patent we have entered into a dynamic manufacturing partnership with a billion dollar Canadian paper company.  We have contracted this industry giant to manufacture our ‘box’, thus ensuring a scalable supply as demand increases for our product.  Once we had our patent pending in place we started to show our ‘box’ to potential users.  We were thrilled by an overwhelming acceptance to a product that could replace a wooden box while being 100% recyclable. We formed Eco Box Systems to market and sell the Eco Flat Box.  The Eco Flat Box is our first new and exciting product in an emerging new line of sustainable packaging technology from Eco Box Systems. 

Road: The concept of a recyclable box is a very innovative and exciting one.  However I am sure people are thinking this is too good to be true.  What sort of testing and preparation has been done to ensure your system does what it says?

EBS: There is no such thing as an overnight success.  The same goes for products, there is no such thing as a product that becomes successful overnight.  This is definitely the case with the Eco Flat Box.  As I said earlier, we have had the Eco Flat Box in development for quite some time.  During that time we shipped our prototype models across the continent and back several times each time refining our design until we arrived at the revolutionary design that we now have patented.  We are also in the process of testing our box design with the Norampac Technical and Development Center (TDC). The TDC specializes in performance analysis of containerboard, boxboard, and corrugated packaging. The TDC also provides support for innovation and sustainable development.  The TDC is currently expertly subjecting the Eco Flat Box to various rigorous and thorough tests, which include a Drop test, and an inclined-impact and Vibration test, which is used to simulate various modes of transportation.  In fact one of our early tests involved a crush test in whichever increasing amounts of pressure were applied to our supporting structure.  We couldn’t help the smile that spread across our faces when the results conclusively showed that our design could withstand up to 10 000 lbs of pressure – now that is one strong ‘box’!  Test methods utilized by the TDC include tests developed by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), CGSB (Canadian General Standards Board), GE (General Electric),  and ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) We plan on having these results available for public release during GBA.

Road: Why did you choose GlassBuild America to officially launch the company?

EBS: One of the major goals of our company is to enable global commerce while being completely recyclable and ecologically viable. We see the Eco Flat Box as a tool that will allow glass, window, and door companies to reduce their carbon footprint while at the same time increase their geographic reach.  GlassBuild America is the perfect venue for us to launch our innovative new Eco Flat Box.  GlassBuild America provides us with immediate access to 110,000 net sqft of exhibit space that averages 423 exhibiting companies. Participants at GlassBuild America are typically from all facets of the glass, window, and door industries, and our research shows that attendees at GlassBuild America are the leaders of our industry who are constantly looking for good ideas to improve their businesses. We are confident that upon visiting the Eco Box Systems booth which is conveniently located in the Innovations Pavilion attendees will immediately see how the simple incorporation of the Eco Flat Box into their business is one of the most economical, ecological, and marketable decisions that they can make in 2012.

Road: At GlassBuild what will attendees get to see in your exhibit?

EBS: The EBS team will come to GlassBuild ready to demonstrate how anyone with a little practice can assemble an Eco Flat Box in less than 10 minutes to safely and securely ship their fragile and non-fragile goods across the country. We will provide a real life / real time demonstration several times per day during the show so that potential users can see firsthand how easy it is to use the 100% recyclable Eco Flat Box. In addition to our demonstrations, we look forward to the opportunity to discuss firsthand with our potential clients how using the Eco Flat Box for their shipments makes good sense from a logistics, profitability and environmental viewpoint.   Come and visit us at booth 968 to learn why it’s time that you started thinking inside the ‘box’!


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