Issue 12: Why the WDDA Forum will Blow You Away, No Matter What Your Business Model; and a Look Inside Strybuc

GlassBuild America is more than just the trade show that everyone in our industry looks forward to.  It also features special sessions in combination with the event.  One of those is the WDDA Forum.

When many people see the initials of WDDA, they quickly assume it’s just for window dealers. While the WDDA, aka Window and Door Dealers Alliance, is primarily focused on the window dealer world, its forum held at GlassBuild yearly has become an amazing event because of the level of speakers and subjects covered. This year is no different, with one of the coolest segments ever held in the kickoff session of “The Power of WOMM.” WOMM stands for “Word of Mouth Marketing” and this session led by Brian Bunt of is a must attend because participants will walk away with their own ready to implement “Word of Mouth Marketing” campaign! This style of marketing is something that every business, window dealers to glass fabricators can gain from and is a true “take-away” that you will be able to use right away and track.

What else about WDDA’s event?

The rest of the event is loaded as well with sessions on:

  • Social Media
  • Gender Specific Sales Techniques
  • Low Cost Lead Generation

And much more…  check out the full agenda and register today at

Interview Spotlight with Strybuc Industries

Our Q&A this week is with Paul Pierangeli, Marketing Director of Strybuc Industries.  Strybuc has come a long way in the last few decades and Paul brings us up to speed on the company, it’s products, and it’s plans for GlassBuild.

Road: Strybuc is celebrating its 30th year in business in 2012.  Congratulations!  How much has your business changed over the years and are you doing anything special this year to celebrate this great milestone?

Paul: Back in 1982, when we acquired Bob Strybuc’s company, he had a one man operation compared to today; we now have over 70 employees. At that time, Bob had a special arrangement with Caldwell Manufacturing Company. Bob was probably one of the first companies to be set up as a stocking distributor. We took Bob & Caldwell’s concept & brought it nationally. Today, Strybuc Industries is the national stocking distributor for well over 25 OEM suppliers. As Strybuc reaches this special milestone, we are planning to introduce several new unique products that will change the way our industry views window safety. We are also streamlining our processes and procedures to dramatically improve our service to our customers, using the newest technology available to us.

Road:  Your website promotes that you handle more than 100,000 special part requests a year.  How hard is it to continue to keep up with the always-changing landscape of parts and pieces that window and door people need?

Paul: We have recently refreshed our website with a new look including our newly designed catalog, to make it easier for our customers to navigate and find the products they need. On our website, we have an online help desk that has proven to be invaluable. With the use of cell phones and digital cameras, the majority of these special parts are being requested electronically. That makes for quick, accurate and timely responses. As the window manufacturers change their design to keep up with the latest technology, Strybuc Industries has positioned itself to remain on the forefront by maintaining strong relationships with our partners the OEM suppliers.

Road: What are some of the most popular products you are selling right now and will you have them in your booth at GlassBuild?

Paul: One of our main strengths is in the “replacement/after-market” which includes product-lines such as Window Balances, Window Operators, Screen and Patio Door Hardware, Multipoint Lock Hardware etc. Our newest product lines are Window Opening Control Devices (WOCD). The Angel Ventlock and SafeGard Window Opening Control Devices (WOCD) are products we will be promoting at Glass Build America. They are both ideal limit devices for use in aftermarket application.  Angel Ventlocks are used on single/double hung windows and sliding windows and the SafeGard limit device is used on casement windows. These limit devices have been designed & tested to meet the regulations of the new code ASTM F2090-2008 & 2010. Stop by Booth #326 and pick up some literature on these lifesaving products.

Road: Strybuc has been a great supporter of GlassBuild.  Thank you!  For those folks on the fence about attending GlassBuild what would you tell them to get them to come on out?

Paul: If your business revolves around this industry, the GBA show is the place to be. Those attending will get a chance to view and test out the newest products being used today. They will also be informed on the trends of the industry and will return back to their businesses with a competitive edge and a better knowledge of how to position themselves in the industry.


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