Issue 11: Getting a feel for the Commercial Products that will be on hand and the Video Spotlight shines on Walker Glass

For many people, GlassBuild America means finding that new or advanced product. This year will be no different. On the commercial side, the range of products on hand will be unmatched, as attendees in 3 days can see more products than they could see all year! Amongst the product items that will be on display:

• The latest and greatest Low E and energy efficient materials

• The constantly trending “Dynamic” Glass segment

• New and improved curtain walls and storefront options,

• An amazing range of decorative glass options with mind-blowing innovations

• Hardware for all glass entrances and heavy shower enclosures

• With more and more focus on their usage, Fire Rated Glazing materials will be on hand

• Architectural Grills and Sunshades, the darling of the daylighting/shading crowd

• Handrails in every conceivable style and availability

• The top commercial window manufacturers around, showing the cutting edge advancements that has the architectural community buzzing!

All of this and so much more, on the floor September 12-14 in Las Vegas at GlassBuild America. Go to and register today!

Video Spotlight on Walker Glass

One of the companies that will be front-and-center showing off a great range of glass products will be Walker Glass. We caught up with Walker at a recent trade show and got a flavor for what they’ll have on hand at GlassBuild America.


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