Issue 10: Innovative Products Remain Popular and Q&A with VEKA

The Innovative Products Program continues to be a hub of activity with 42 companies on board ready to show the latest and greatest products at GlassBuild America.  You’ll be able to find these exhibits both in the Innovative Pavilion and throughout the floor.  These are products are services that will raise your business to new levels!  Click here to see who has already signed up to be a part of this “show within a show”.

Interview Spotlight with Veka, Inc.

Our Q&A this week is with Steve Dillon, Marketing Director of Veka Inc.  Veka is among more than 42 other Innovative Product Program participants on the floor and they continue to be a very prominent force in the industry.  What’s in store for visitors to their booth at GlassBuild and more can be found by reading below!

Road:This past April you launched your “Pinnacle” line of windows.  How has the reaction been with your customer base and will we see them at your display in Las Vegas for GlassBuild America?

Steve Dillon: The Pinnacle launch has gone very well. We have always had color solutions for our customers but this is the first time we have packaged it under a brand. We really wanted to add more options to our portfolio so it was the perfect opportunity to showcase all of the new colors. Our customers have been very receptive and the program coincides well with our commercial initiatives. Yes we will be showing Pinnacle products at GBA.

Road: What else in the way of products and technology will people see when they visit your booth at GlassBuild?

SD: Attendees will get to experience something new and very innovative to the window and door industry. For several months now we have been developing some very creative solutions that will help contribute to achieving Net-Zero homes or buildings while filling a very common need that continues to be more and more important in all of our daily lives. We will be premiering this technology at GBA. Also, expect to find products that look to the future of Energy Star and Energy Star Most Efficient Programs as well as Commercial solutions for vinyl, which we have been a part of for several years now.

Road: Your company was one of the first groups in our industry out with an “App” for smartphones and tablets, how has that program worked out for you and how do you keep evolving with new approaches to the market?

SD: App development is becoming the normal for most business entities and just a puzzle piece to a much larger picture for us. Our industry is not as progressive as some, but we feel it is still important to lead technologically and that is our goal. We have at least 2 new apps and an update on the drawing table right now that may not make an appearance until 2013. App development is part of our communication initiative with social media. It is an effective, low cost way to get your message to your customers and industry. I’ve written a white paper and developed a presentation on the advantages of Social Media. It just makes sense for ROI geared marketers.

Coming up with fresh, new ideas is sometimes difficult especially in our industry. I have been with VEKA for close to 20 years now and I have to say it’s been the single most challenging part. You just have to listen… listen to your customers, your peers and keep a close eye on marketplace trends. We have a fantastic team that truly cares about the progression of VEKA and an obligation to our worldwide ownership to keep VEKA North America an innovative, creative and market leading company. When you have that kind of mandate, and the backing support of a family owned company, it pushes you to be the best, to be “first in class” and the right partner of choice to our customers.

Road:We’re now halfway through 2012, has the year been better, worse or as you projected from a business sense?

SD: So far, 2012 has been an exceptional year for us. We have made a lot of best business practices changes to our company in the past 2 years and we are really starting to see those efforts pay off. Many of our customers are reporting double-digit growth, so we are experiencing some slow, steady, new market growth, while capturing some existing market share from competitors. We are pleasingly ahead of our expectations for 2012.

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