Issue 4: The Road to GlassBuild

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Issue 4 – Get ready to book your hotel, learn about the latest software and see who just signed up to exhibit.  All on the Road to GlassBuild America…

April and the route to good things ahead…

…such as Spring showers leading to lush golf courses and a burst of flowers, the start of baseball season, NHL playoffs and the opening of GlassBuild America HOUSING.

New early bird rates at The LVH (the headquarter hotel for GlassBuild America, formerly named the Las Vegas Hilton) will be in effect for a limited time.  You’ll also notice that additional hotel options have been included in the GlassBuild housing block this year.  So, shake off winter hibernation, get into Spring and turn your thoughts forward to the SHOW of SHOWS!

Need convincing?  Listen to the comments of a few folks who were on the floor last year – they’re sure to convince you that you need to be there this year!


Registration will be opening soon with new early bird rates in effect for a limited time.  You won’t want to miss out on the savings. Look for an e-mail from us, or follow us on Twitter for the most up-to-date news from the show!

The Road to GlassBuild America Q&A with GDS

Many people have seen the initials G-D-S as you’ve been working in our industry quite a while.  But many folks really have no idea what you guys actually do.  How about a quick synopsis of who is GDS?

GDS stands for Greer Data Systems, which was the original name of the company when it was started back in 1985. Ron Shishido and I purchased the company from Ed Greer in December of 1996, and asked to keep the name GDS Storefront Estimating for the company — this was the name of the software at the time. Many customers and people in the commercial glass industry were familiar with this name, so we didn’t want to loose that familiarity.

GDS Storefront Estimating is the publisher of estimating software for storefront and curtain wall projects in the commercial glass industry. Our software, now known as WinBidPro, handles the estimation of materials and labor for these types of projects. In addition, WinBidPro handles the optimization of extrusions, and CAD drawings for fabrication and installation.

From where GDS started in the mid 1980’s to now what do you believe has become the biggest advancement in your offerings and in the estimating world as a whole?

The original GDS software was used mainly for estimating and optimization. It  always had a drawing feature that allowed for scaled elevation drawings, but wasn’t able to handle large and/or complicated projects.

As we revised and upgraded the software, we added functionality to make the program draw more complicated elevations, include more parts and material, and the ability to do in-house shop drawings. Our new WinBidPro software can also export to PDF, Excel, and DWG files making it easy for customers to work with the information from GDS in other software. GDS has also formed a relationship with GTS Services to export job information into their software for accounting and project management duties.

We have also added a number of manufacturers to our software over the years. This variety of catalogs for storefront and curtain wall material offers the customer more choices when bidding work in a competitive marketplace.

In short, there isn’t any one advancement that has made our software so well liked in the industry.  Handling more of what the customer needs, and doing it in a cost effective, and efficient way, is the real key to our success.

Most of the time people in manufacturing get asked this question, but probably not too much in the area that you serve.  From your view and research, how do you see the economy playing out for 2012 and beyond?

We make it a point to ask our customers around the country on a regular basis how their business is doing. Lately we have seen more positive response than not to this question. In fact, one local customer recently said that he may finally be in the black after a current project is wrapped up. Estimating is one of the early indicators for economic recovery and growth in this industry, and we have definitely seen an increase in bidding and other positive signs from glaziers in the last six months.

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Learn about our new interior surface (IS) Low-E glass – practical glass innovation from Guardian.

If you are interested in sponsoring future editions or being more involved in the show, contact Jennifer Robinson at or by phone at 770-416-8023.

The latest additions to the show!

Are you curious to see who has recently jumped on the opportunity to exhibit at GlassBuild America?  Here they are—take a look!

List latest exhibitors


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